P.E.P. Goes To Court!
by Mea

The 5th grade P.E.P. core group students are not really going to court, so don’t worry. They are participating in a big competition. This competition is called a “Mock Trial” (mock means fake).

To tell you a little bit about our case, it is about a school that renovated a classroom and put in a carpet on the floor and on the walls because it’s near the gym and is very noisy. Kids who were in the renovated room with the carpet suddenly started getting SICK! The parents of the sick kids filed a class action suit against the school district. This is a civil case, not a criminal one.

This year the Guggenheim P.E.P. group worked with the 5th grade group from Manorhaven School. The Manorhaven kids came to Guggenheim every Monday so that both groups could work together. This is the first time that two core groups have joined together on teams. Mrs. Mayer feels, “The Mock Trial is an incredible learning experience for the children AND the adults.”

We worked on the trial for over 3 months! We started right after Christmas vacation. We learned about objections, direct and cross examination questions, the process of a courtroom, the case itself, the laws involved, and the opening and closing statements that the attorneys make. There are two sides in the trial- the plaintiff team and the defense team. On each side there are three witnesses and three attorneys or lawyers. Of course, at the tournament, one team of defense competes against one team of plaintiff. But we did not compete against each other!

The 5th grade P.E.P. core group went to the Brentwood Campus of Long Island University on April 3rd, 1998 to compete. This writer, also a member of the 5th grade P.E.P. core group, reports that everyone involved worked very hard and was very excited!


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