Guggenheim's Math Olympians
by Katie

There are over 180 Guggenheim kids in 3rd to 5th grade doing a special program, but what is it? Math Olympiads! Actually, Math Olympiads take place in schools all over the world. Every school in the world that competes has the very same schedule which starts in November and ends in March. Math Olympiads are run in places like Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Math Olympiads started in elementary schools in 1979 with one hundred teams. This year 3,470 teams were enrolled!

Mrs. Mayer is the facilitator of Math Olympiads in Guggenheim. That means she goes into the third through fifth grade classrooms in Guggenheim and explains the strategies for how to solve Math Olympiad problems and she explains the answers when each contest is finished. She also keeps all the records and sends them to the people who run the Math Olympiads for everyone in the world.

There are five different Math Olympiad contests with five different worksheets. Each worksheet has five questions that are VERY hard, so it doesn't matter what score you get- even if you get 0 right- just try your best and have fun. If you are really stuck just ask one of the helpers who are there to answer your questions.

At the end of the year, prizes are awarded. Each person who participates gets a certificate. If you score in the top 50% of all the kids, you get a patch. If you get in the top 10% you get a pin, and if you did the best in your grade you get a trophy. If Guggenheim gets in the top 10% of all the schools participating, we get a plaque. (We got one last year.)

This year’s Math Olympiads are finished, and they were especially difficult. The Guggenheim kids who participated tried very hard and should be very proud of themselves. They should do even better next year!


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