The Best of Roald Dahl
by Ryan

Have you ever read a book by Roald Dahl? If not, WAKE UP!!! Roald Dahl is one of the most popular authors among a lot 5th graders (most have already read them by then), a TON of 4th graders, a couple of 3rd graders, and even a few 2nd graders! One of his most popular books is The Witches which is about a boy whose grandma tells him a story about witches that don’t wear pointy caps but look like real people, except for a few things, and they have a hunger for children. Soon the boy finds himself being chased by witches, gets turned into a mouse and much more. Another Dahl book, Matilda (which is also a movie you might have seen or at least heard of) is about a young girl who finds out she has special powers and is using them for a special purpose, the downfall of Miss Trunchbull. And last but not least, MY personal favorite, George’s Marvelous Medicine (and I DO mean MAHVLUS) is about a boy known as George who has grizzly, grumpy, etc., etc. ol’ grandma. And he’s stuck home watching his grandma and having to give her her medicine. But George decides to give her a medicine of his own, by mixing paint, aftershave, shampoo, etc. in a bowl. But once the grump gets her medicine, something strange starts to happen....

There are many more books by Roald to be read, so if you don’t know about these books, grab a copy and dive in!


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