Russian Visitors...Here!

by Katie

photo by Phillip M.


Yes, that’s right. Russian visitors are here, well at least they were here. On April 14, 1998, Russian visitors from Minsk, Belarus (the former Soviet Union) came to Guggenheim’s third grade classes! These children came to America for medical help for a month. They were brought by the United Nations. Four girls and a translator came to the classes. They went to Mrs. Olsen’s, Mrs. Betsch’s, and Mrs. Sutarno’s classes. The Guggenheim kids learned a lot about the Russians such as: they like pets, video games, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. They didn’t know what baseball or lacrosse is. They like to eat borscht (beet soup). The weirdest thing is what they do in school. They have school for six days a week instead of five days. They eat their food in their classrooms and they don’t even have recess!

I asked four people what they thought about the Russian visitors. Matthew, from Mrs. Betsch’s class said, “I learned a lot about the Russian visitors.” Also from Mrs. Betsch’s class were Angela and Jacob. Angela said, “It was great to know they have a Nintendo 64.” Jacob said, “I like them because they were different.” The last person I asked was Erin from Mrs. Sutarno’s class. She said, “ I like that they weren't very different from us.”

The third graders are really lucky to have had this experience!

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