Cloudy with a Chance of...Pickles?
by Sarah

Once a week on Wednesdays, Mrs. Livanos has students in third and fourth grade come to the library in the school. It’s called the After School Literature Circle. Every week they have a different theme. For example, one theme that they did this year was the rain forest. They start each theme with playing music or sounds from a tape. They have to try to guess what their new theme is going to be. After they listen to the sounds, they read a book about the theme. When they are done reading the book, they do a project. When they did the rain forest, they made a tree frog tree. Another project they did was making weather predictions for April. The books they read for that were Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Pickles to Pittsburgh. Their predications were on the bulletin board in front of the office.

Mrs. Livanos said that she chose to do this program because she wanted a place where she didn’t have a time limit, and where the participants could really get a chance to talk about each book.

Rachel B., in Mrs. Sutarno’s class, is a member of the After School Literature Circle. Her favorite theme that the after school program did was the weather theme. Her favorite project they did was making structures out of marshmallows and toothpicks. She also enjoys sitting on the bean bags while listening to the books.

It sounds like the After School Literature Circle is a great way to express your feelings about books that you read and share them with other people.

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