So Long, Guggi!
by Marie

photo by Chris M.

The fifth graders are leaving Guggenheim. So, to make sure they remember this great school, great events and trips were planned that they will never forget.

As always, the fifth graders got to study the ever popular Voyage of the Mimi, which is the story of a crew that gets shipwrecked on an island because of their job to learn about whales. You will all get to watch when you’re in fifth grade. To top it off, they got to go to Connecticut where they met Captain Granville (Pete Marston) who is the captain and played the captain on Voyage of the Mimi. The fifth graders also got to tour the ship and go to a museum with an aquarium and dinosaur exhibit. The last activity on the trip was to see an Imax movie.

Fifth graders had athletes from Schreiber High School come to talk to them. That's what you see in the picture shown here.

The fifth graders will be going to see the Broadway show, 1776, too. Wow, are they lucky! And, the fifth graders will also be treated to an end of the year dance only for them. It will be chaperoned, so don’t be concerned, parents.

Fifth graders have a lot of great Guggenheim events to look forward to and look back on- have a great time!

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