Guggenheim Says Goodbye...
MrS. Davis and Mr. Onody!

by Julia

photo by Greg B.


This school has had a lot of teachers come and go and they have always been wonderful teachers. Now Guggenheim is about to lose two more great teachers to retirement. Mr. Onody and Mrs. Davis have been in this school for quite a long time and I decided to find out how long and a little bit more about their retirement.

Mrs. Davis started teaching upstate. She then came down to work as a substitute in Port for awhile. Mrs. Davis has been working at Guggenheim as a full-time teacher for thirteen years. She decided to retire because Mr. Davis has been retired for three years and they wanted to buy a condo on Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. She will be working at Pierce Camp Birchmont during the summer and will relax for the rest of the year. “ I have mixed emotions about retiring. I still enjoy being in a classroom atmosphere, but I feel it’s a good time to retire,” says Mrs. Davis.

Mr. Onody has been teaching at Guggenheim for thirty-four years. The reason for his retirement is he believes it is the right time and he would like to try something new. Since he will be free of work, he would like to visit foreign countries, read more, and do a lot of photography. “I’m looking forward to retirement,” says Mr. Onody. Mr. Sficos commented “ I’ll never forget teaming up with Mr. Onody to do West Side Story with my class and his.” He also shared some traits he observes in Mr. Onody: “dedicated and caring, kids always came first, stern but fair, avid sports fan, played hard but by the rules, emphasized good sportsmanship, outside the classroom he enjoyed music, dancing, movies, and photography.
I think this school will miss Mr. Onody and Mrs. Davis very much. This leaves a mystery. Who will be the new 5th grade teachers?

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