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  • Welcome to the World of Crustaceans

    Your journey will link you to Internet sites that will help you answer the following questions. Go to the Library Home Page and Click on 4th Grade Crayfish. Remember, Internet Links are in blue. Good Luck and Bon Voyage!


    What is another name for crayfish?


    Where do they live?


    What is the life span of an adult crayfish?


    Scientific Classifications: Use the spaces below to name three families of crafish.






    What do crayfish feed on?


    Name three predators of North American crayfish.

    __________________ _______________________ __________________________

    How many species of crayfish exist in North America? ____________ How many in the world?________________


     Conclusion Activity:

    Think about all you have learned about crayfish. Write a few sentences about how the anatomy of a crayfish helps it adapt to its environment and protect itself from predators.




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