The history of our school is an interesting story, dating back more than 36 years. The property upon which our school stands was originally 250 acres bought in 1917 by Daniel Guggenheim who came from a wealthy family. The Guggenheim family made its fortune in mining, but Daniel Guggenheim and his wife Florence had a great interest in education. Mr.Guggenheim also enjoyed aviation and rocket science. Mr. Guggenheim died in 1930, and his wife transferred much of the land he had owned to the United States Navy. After her death, eighteen acres of land still owned by the Guggenheim family was given to Nassau County for the building of a school. In 1962, the Florence and Daniel Guggenheim School opened for its first students. Only part of the school was built. The plans called for 900 students to attend the school, and the building cost was more than one million dollars. When the school opened, an original time capsule was planted, but it is located in a part of our school building that cannot not be opened. On Sunday, May 19, 1963, the school was finally finished and a special dedication ceremony was held at the school. The ceremony was attended by students, parents, teachers, and members of the Board of Education. In October 1987, the school celebrated its 25th anniversary with another ceremony, and another time capsule was planted. Many original teachers and students returned to celebrate the event. In 1996 the school became larger. More classrooms were added to the building.

Information compiled by Sam J.